Out of the Rat Race Into the Fire by Paul Delahunt-Rimmer

Press Releases

New Book (publication to be announced) Out of the Fire into the Furnace, Paul Delahunt-Rimmer. Most of Out of the Rat Race into the Fire was written with a cow’s head sticking through the office window in Amorgos. It was edited in Botswana with, on one occasion a genet running up a tree right alongside me with a live boomslang (a large snake which produces one of the most potent venoms in Africa) dangling from its mouth. Summer temperatures can approach 50 degs so it is a little warmer than Greece but not a problem. Everyone says, ‘you will find it difficult and frustrating living in Africa’. Not at all, it’s all a very familiar experience, only this time it is; ‘Out of the Fire into the Furnace’.

Out of the rat race