Out of the Rat Race Into the Fire by Paul Delahunt-Rimmer


Couple chuck convention, comfort and security of life in the English shires to move to Amorgos, one of the remoter Greek islands. There, to keep the banks from their door, they start a programme of walking holidays. Mad or romantic? Answer: both. Theirs is a madly romantic story in which the adventures their clients have discovering Amorgos are nothing to the adventure of Paul and Henri Delahunt-Rimmer's life on the island. Romantically mad, it's also a timely reminder of why lovers of life love Greece, and why they will more than likely love this vivacious book too.

Peter Hughes, founding editor of ‘Wish You Were Here’ and prize winning travel writer
I loved the book and didn't want it to end. It made me laugh out loud a few times and was a great antidote to the miserable weather here at the moment. It was full of interesting facts about Greece and the anecdotes about the different characters on the island were often enchanting. The only slight problem I had with the book was it made me want to live on Amorgos myself!

Mary O Neill. Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland.
Absolutely first class memoir about selling up and moving to a remote Greek Island - highly recommended for anybody considering the same move. Written by an interesting author, who has a genuine story to tell. Sympathetic towards the resident islanders, and self-deprecating to boot. Paul Delahunt-Rimmer strikes the right balance - poking fun at the differences but highlighting the similarities - between the two cultures. Deserves to be a best seller.

A review from Amazon.
This is an outstanding account of a complete change of lifestyle. It is informative, entertaining and absolutely hilarious in places. It is a move that many of us dream about but never dare to try. I am going to use it as a handbook for retirement. It is very well complemented by the guide book to the island by the same author.Amorgos: The Secret Jewel of the Cyclades: A Visitor's and Walker's Guide

A review from Amazon
An excellent read with laugh-out-loud moments that sneak up on you unexpectedly. It's hard to believe that a place like Amorgos still exists in the 21st century. You can almost smell the wild herbs crushed underfoot as Paul Delahunt-Rimmer takes us all over the island on various errands and of course, on the walking tours. Each new character is introduced with equal quirkyness yet care is taken not to reduce the local folk to stereotypes.
David S, Essex UK

Out of the rat race